Curve has taken …a curve. Sigh


A Curve of Humanity: Book 1

A Curve of Humanity. The 8 book series I am currently in the throes of writing. Last year, Book One: Origins was released unto the masses in all its glorious, yet pitiful, form. The strange hyphenated words waving hello mid sentence. Characters speaking in nonsensical languages because it surely wasn’t proper grammar. And then there was the lackluster amount of Space, Sex, and Gore. My mantra for what each story must include.

Soooo….hence why I say Curve had veered off the rails and the tracks are warped. My little NaNo turd became a big doodee. Fixable? Absolutely! I’m a writer. That’s what I do. Now, since I am crafting the first four books in the series at the same time, this gives me the chance to inject all the fun stuff book one was missing. In comes the beta readers with their feedback and…yep. As I thought, outcries of disappointment for not having meaningful relationships, more technology and of course “Where’s the frickin’ gore?”

With a click on Amazon and a few more on CreateSpace, A Curve of Humanity Book One: Origins was unpublished, removed from sales, dumped by the wayside of a deserted back road like a dead body disposed after a mob hit. (For Curve; You will be given honor in death and rise anew.) Moral of this story? It wasn’t ready. Don’t push something out until it says so because, DRAMA.

Needless to say, the major overhaul is underway. Book one was a little over 43K words and now it sits near the 60K mark with two more chapters to add. Book Two, A Cast of Shadows only needs a couple of scenes added and the last chapter. Book Three: A Hot Mess (No, that’s not the title. It is literally a thorn in my side sitting at a measly 18K. Murder Sequences are hard) and Book Four is yet to be titled but has about 12K words down in it.

My author peeps tell me I am a bit too ambitious, kicking out five books in a year, but I say “Pfllttt!!” Watch me work. Throw me a curve ball and I will zero in with laser focus and hit it out of the park. That’s the plan, Stan. Look for Books 1-4 to come flying out like combat fighters this summer .

In the meantime, you can check out my latest book, Blood Doctrine.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00071]

Blood Doctrine

Millennial vampires who get thrown into boarding school by the elders who are fed up with their poor manners. It’s cheeky, sexy, fun, and gore filled. What’s not to love? Right!

Ciao for now and stay tuned for more updates on this grand scheme of mine to write an 8 BOOK SERIES! Madness.


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