Good Riddance and Happy Trails 2016

Ahh…2016! A year of great accomplishments and a devastating news cycle.

For me, it was an eye opener to what I lacked as an artist/business woman. It forced me to set goals for 2017 that are frightening yet energizing. I did not meet my quota to kick out five books, settling for a mere 2. But, that alone is a great feat as many authors barely get one out every year or more.  It was a time filled with many edits; frustrating, exhausting.

There were a few conventions where my business senses tingled. Author 101 University showed me how to up my game. The trials and tribulations of vending at Science Fiction conventions let me know what to bring and eliminate for future sales. Swag is Queen and finding my true audience; the key.

We saw a lot of icons from the 70s, 80s and 90s eras leave their mortal coils and ascend this world. As a child of those times, it seemed like my generation was being punished for some unseen sin committed without our knowledge. It’s sad but let’s not blame the year. So many factors led to their demise and if we didn’t know them personally, then we cannot and should not judge.

This past year was not all that bad as many of my peers make it out to be. Were there some sketchy moments? Absolutely! They didn’t deter me from my tasks. That being said….

My new motto for 2017 is GO BIG or GO HOME!!

Look forward to many exciting things coming your way from yours truly because the creative juices are flowing and I intend to open the flood gates.

See you on the flipside!


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