Plot..Not so Perfect?

So far 2015 has produced two flops in the science fiction film category; Jupiter Ascending and Chappie. The one thing they both have in common, as fervent scifi reviewers bluntly pointed out, is their lack of a good plot. The sad part…we all really wanted to love these movies. Under developed plot seems to be the case for many films in that genre as of late. I remember back in the day (yes I’m talking late 70’s into the 80’s) when we had good ones. The 90’s, and let’s be honest, were kind of weird for the genre.

What happened? No idea. Maybe the industry is getting lazy and assume CGI can make up for it. Problem is, one beautiful action scene does not a great storytelling make.

As a Sci-Fi Fantasy Drama writer, I feel compelled to make sure I have eliminated all the plot holes that may turn up in my work. To help me I purchased an amazing book called Plot Perfect by Paula Munier. I purchased it through It opened my eyes to what I could never conquer: PLOT.

Here’s what I learned: Core of Confliction is really about survival, forgiveness and learning how to love without harm. What I want to convey is that dark secrets can effect all those around you, even yourself. Seeds of Conviction is about vengeance, power struggles and setting things right. What I want to convey is that in the face of a common enemy, united we must stand or the consequences are dire. Bonds of Contrition will be about family bonds and the chaos within them along with the consequences of not being true to yourself. I want to show how adversity can be found in your own bloodline. The trick is identifying them before it’s too late.

My story of origin, A Curve in Humanity explores the definition of humanity. The power games between governments and the science community. And, how how do we as humans adapt to outside forces that fundamentally change us? Even with the evolution of man, in mind ,body and soul, we still manage to plot a highway to our doom.

In short, there is no excuse these days for a weak lot when there are so many resources to help out the struggling writer, whether it be short story, novel or film script. So that was my two cents.


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