Writing is not a Job?!!

On December 31, 2014 I was informed after working a whole day that my accounting services were no longer needed. The reason was ‘company restructuring’ which I am sure they knew about long before they let me go. So here I am unemployed and contemplating my next move while focusing on getting three novels competed. (I have the time at the moment so why not). During an errand run with my mother’s husband (no, he is not my ‘stepfather’ for he is only a year and a half older than me), he proceeds to tell me that I should find a job. I tell him I am a writer, that is my job at the moment. He continues and says that it is not a ‘real’ job because you don’t get paid for it.


Now, as a published author I may not have a hundred or a thousand sales under my belt (heck, probably only twenty) but I am pretty sure I got money transferred from the sales of said novel since publishing it.  This brings us to that age old argument of artists and writers not being seen as people who should get paid for their crafts. Art is not seen as a ‘REAL’ occupation, yet we put our blood, sweat and tears into our work. So all those months of writing, editing and beta reading is for free? I think not.

The argument went on for a bit and I became extremely agitated. Then I realized it was all for naught. You can’t change peoples perspectives on a dime. All you can do is relay the facts and let the other person decide for themselves.

Writing has always been a passion of mine since the age of twelve and it took my nearly thirty years to finally drum up the courage to send one of my children out into the world for all the read. That is my JOB. To unleash the worlds I created into the universe so others can find them and get lost in new adventures.

Ranting now complete….signing off


1 thought on “Writing is not a Job?!!

  1. The Story Reading Ape

    So sorry to hear about what your Company did Rachel – not the best way to start a new year 😦
    Regards your Mum’s husband – he probably meant well, but your hurt and feeling of having been betrayed are still raw, so his words hurt all the more.
    Take stock of your options and your skills, then decide what you want to do (or even try to do) regards how to pay the bills.
    Then go for it!



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