Seeds of Conviction Excerpt (241 words)

Just a little snippet from my WIP for Book Two: Seeds of Conviction. Enjoy and give feedback. I love feedback (wrings hands in gleeful anticipation).

From above, charred remains of cities could be seen as the last alien warships ascended into the Earth’s atmosphere. The battle between Azrom and Earth had come to a screeching halt and only a handful of each respective party knew why. It was fierce and bloody with casualties disproportioned on the human’s side but somehow, all of the mutant Azrom enforcers that had attacked were wiped out. A mixture of relief and sorrow swept through the inhabitants of Earth.

The Razznian spy, dressed in a hooded track suit to hide the brown scaly skin covering his entire body, watched with curiosity as the humans struggled to comprehend the mass destruction left behind from a battle they had no idea how or why it started. His lidless red eyes scanned the area and his mouth opened to reveal two rows of razor sharp teeth. It was his equivalent of a smile. Observing, but not interacting with, the battle between Azrom’s enforcers and the humans was a good idea.

He had watched Azrom’s armada supporting another alien group on the round and upon getting a closer look, the Razznian realized they were Lassian. The race supposedly extinct by Azrom supreme ruler, Halfar’s own hands. How could they be here, and in such large numbers? He made his way back to the rendezvous point where a portal sat open for his departure back to Razzna. There was a lot he had to report on.


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