2015 Goals Already?!

Oh, you betcha!

AT the end of 2014 I realized how much of a hot mess my writing schedule was and knew I had to NOT do that for the coming new year. Excel has a cool form called a Project Timeline and I started diving in. With 62 (Yes, all in progress too) stories to get out I figured kicking out five a year would be a great start. (Did I mention I am an overachiever?)

That being said, I am also going to start putting excerpts from my works in progress up and hope to get some feedback. So many people have inspired me and I would not have been able to publish my first novel, Core of Confliction, without them. Feels awesome to actually have one of my children loose on the public. (Tee Hee).

A great big shout out to NIWA, NaNoWriMo, Chuck Wendig, Writer’s Digest and my writing pal Dr. Laurel Standley.

2015 is going to be a giant blast! See you all on the other side in a new year!


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