About the Author

I’ve had a passion for the written word since the age of seven, reading everything I could get my hands on which included encyclopedias and the thesaurus. At twelve, I got my first encounter with a Stephen King novel and was hooked. Inspired to write my own brand of fiction, I combined multiple genres to keep things interesting.2015-09-07-11-25-48-copy

For anonymity (I was in sixth grade, mind you), the pen name Maquel A. Jacob was created. Even at an early age Indie Films were more fascinating than the main stream. The first name was taken from a French film made in the early 1980’s.

Diversity is a big issue for me and when it comes to love and relations, gender should be of no consequence. Thus, many of my stories have gender shifters whether human or alien. A dash of Romance and a slash of Gore is injected for a well rounded feel.

Always ready to learn new things, my search for knowledge never ceases. I try to enroll in someone’s class, webinar or seminar learning yet a new skill. I have an AAS in Accounting, AAS in Business Administration with emphasis on Entrepreneurship, went to Cosmetology school in Kalamazoo MI and was a licensed Nail Technician and studied Digital Film and Video for two years at the Art Institute of Portland.

I am a HUGE Anime fan, love a great bottle of wine and rock out to heavy metal music. Green and lush Oregon is where I currently reside spinning tales of imaginary worlds in while daydreaming.